Upcoming tweak Animer lets you customize iOS animations

Looking for the ultimate eye candy Cydia tweak to put your iDevice over the top? Well, the tweak that will give it to you is only a short wait away. Developed by Hashbang Production, “Animer” is an upcoming tweak that lets you customize the animations in various iOS actions, such as Notification Center, alerts, and the multitasking drawer. Head inside for a peak and demonstration video.

The “banner” customizations include six animations, such as coming in from left to right (and vise versa) or the bottom. Also included is options for the speed in which the notification appears and dismissal animations. “Alert” notifications receive a similar treatment: with the choice of two animations, three additional “zoom” animations, and a fade in option. The developers have added in the useful function to test your new customizations right from the app. As for the multitasking drawer, you get three “zoom” animations (for clarity this refers to the application icons, like when you unlock your iPhone) and two fade animations.

Without further ado, here's the video:


This is going to be one of the best tweaks to hit Cydia in awhile; I'm all about eye candy. However as it stands the tweak is pretty limited, let's hope the developers decide to add more functionality and features in future updates. Animer will be hitting Cydia soon and will cost you only 99 cents.

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