Is the White iPhone 4 Coming Soon?

For the first time Apple has updated their App Store application to version 1.1, and with the update an eagle eyed member over at MacRumors spotted the option to reserve a 16/32GB White iPhone 4 for $199/$299. Before you get too excited, he was not able to reserve a white iPhone, receiving the message 'Because of high demand, we are not currently taking iPhone reservations.'

Apple has since pulled the white iPhone from the application, but could this be an indication of an upcoming release? Keep your fingers crossed (and read on for more details).

Update: Apple is now saying that the white iPhone 4 has been delayed until spring next year. The first black iPhone 4's were released in June of this year, at first Apple said the White will be released in July of this year but they keep delaying it, saying that it has been harder to manufacture than they first expected.

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