Jailbreaking FAQ

Why Should I Jailbreak my device?

Jailbreaking an Apple device allows a user to modify and edit certain parts of the device that are normally not customizable. With Jailbreaking you can customize your device beyond what Apple permits with stock hardware.

Why do people Jailbreak their devices? Doesn’t that ruin the whole Apple experience?

People who wish to Jailbreak their device want to go beyond the functionality that Apple dictates. Some may argue that the device is pretty limited and that they deserve more customization and features without having to go buy a new phone. Users may also argue that you can enhance your experience with the device by Jailbreaking, as it allows more features to be added and altered.

What’s in it for me?

Jailbreaking gives you the customizability of everything on the phone. It allows you to change icons, install custom apps that are not allowed on the Apple App Store, add tethering, install custom lock screens, and many more options.

Does Jailbreaking require any prior knowledge of hacking devices?

No it does not. The Jailbreaking process it pretty easy and there is plenty of documentation on how to do it if you get stuck, including plenty on this site.

Does Jailbreaking cost any money to do?

No, the software and tools are made available for free. Sites that offer paid solutions for Jailbreaking are most likely a scam.

Is Jailbreaking easy to do?

Yes, Jailbreaking can be done using a few applications of your choice. The process is pretty straight forward and not very complex for the average user to perform.

Where can I get the proper documentation and software to Jailbreak my device?

You can get the proper documentation here

. The tutorial has the proper instructions you will need in order to get your iOS device Jailbroken. The tutorials should be easy to follow but if for any reason you have a question or concern feel free to post in the help thread.

Is Jailbreaking legal?

Yes, current US laws allow such modifications to your device. Although legal, Apple still has the right to void your warranty due to these user made modifications. Make sure the laws in your country permit such changes to your device.

What law protects me from getting in trouble if I were to Jailbreak my device?

In the United States DMCA, Referencing “Exemption to Prohibition on Circumvention of Copyright Protection Systems for Access Control Technologies” Docket No. RM 20088. It states in Section 201.40 – 2 Exemption to prohibition against circumvention, “Computer programs that enable wireless telephone handsets to execute software applications, where circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of enabling interoperability of such applications, when they have been lawfully obtained, with computer programs on the telephone handset.” Please be sure to check your country’s laws.

In non-legalese terms:

You’re allowed to modify your device as long as it is done in a lawful manner in which the software obtained and used to Jailbreak your device is not pirated.

To learn more about this and your rights check out the amendment here,

Can my carrier void my service for having a Jailbroken device?

No, your carrier cannot see if your device is Jailbroken over the network. But if you take it into your wireless providers store to get it serviced you may be denied due to the unauthorized modifications to the device firmware.

Is my warranty void if my Carrier or Apple sees that my phone is Jailbroken?

Yes, at that point Apple or your wireless carrier has the right to terminate your warranty due to changes made by the user that are deemed “Unauthorized”. Since Apple is the one that services your device they have the right to choose which changes a user can make, Jailbreaking is not one of them.

Can I get warranty service back after Jailbreaking?

Yes, by doing a factory restore of your device Apple will be unable to tell if you have made modifications to the software.  Although some may consider it unethical, if it is restored properly then there is no way of telling it ever happened, so make your choice.