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Apple launches new personalized online support service

A big part of Apple's success is due to their customer service and support; no not getting through or being put on hold for an hour, just walk in an Apple Store and up to the Genius Bar for all your device problems. However this can be a problem, not everyone lives near an Apple Store, in fact the closest one to my house is about two hours away. Now thankfully, that is a thing of the past..

Apple offering up to $345 for your iPhone 4S

It appears that the iPhone 5 is indeed right around the corner, as Apple has just begun offering users upwards of $345 for their iPhone 4Ss (via an Apple Gift Card). Of course, Apple has had this recycling opportunity in the past as well, but have never offered such a high price for the current generation model.

This probably has something to do with the upcoming next-generation iPhone, as Apple is hoping users will fork in their current models in order to purchase the next one.

Claimed iPhone 5 accessories get leaked online

More accessories said to be for the iPhone 5 has surfaced, although this time it's something new; a case, USB cable, wall charger, and case. These leaks match up perfectly with the widely accepted rumor, that Apple will be trashing their 30-pin dock connector for a smaller size, not only with the iPhone 5 but with all future iOS devices.

Apple to announce new “AirPlay Direct” feature next month


A new report is out today with some pretty interesting news. The Telegraph reports that Apple is planning to unveil an upgraded AirPlay, dubbed AirPlay Direct. As of now in order to use the AirPlay feature you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, however AirPlay Direct will connect directly to the device, eliminating the need of Wi-Fi.

Apple’s secret Genius Training Student Workbook gets revealed

Ever wonder what it feels like to work for Apple as a Genius? Well, our friends over at Gizmodo just got their hands on Apple’s secret Genius training manual and have revealed tons of interesting details of how things work behind those Genius Bars...

Confirmed: T-Mobile will not get the iPhone 5, plans on selling against the iPhone

As if T-Mobile didn’t have enough problems in its hands, it now has to deal with being left out on the iPhone 5 release. While AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and a number of other smaller carriers will be selling iPhones like hot cakes this September, T-Mobile will have to sit back and watch as their customers swarm around their rivals.

However, the company isn’t going down without a fight. A newly leaked memo from inside T-Mobile reveals that the carrier is preparing all of its employees to “sell against” the beloved iPhone starting September 21st.

T-Mobile to offer 4G micro SIMs for unlocked iPhones

Just last week we reported that T-Mobile would join Sprint in the truly unlimited data plan options, starting September 5, however unlike Sprint, T- Mobile will be offering 4G data on it's new unlimited plans. Even though T-Mobile doesn't carry the iPhone officially, it looks as though they have no plans to leave them in the dust; that T-Mobile will soon offer 4G micro SIM kits for unlocked iPhone users, and yes this includes unlimited plans.

New report says NFC for the iPhone 5 is a no go

Yesterday we reported on a new set of leaks of what are believed to be of the iPhone 5 In the images we saw a mysterious square sensor, which many quickly came to the conclusion that this was an NFC chip. However, a new report is out today saying that we in fact won't be seeing NFC technology in Apple's upcoming iPhone.

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