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WhatsApp Messenger gets updated to bring encrypted messages plus more

If you’re into third-party instant messengers or text message apps, chances are you’ve heard of WhatsApp Messenger. Time and time again, it has beat its competitors and other apps for the number one spot on the Social Networking category on the App Store. In fact, it has even topped the charts in the top 25 paid apps of any category. In other words, the app is pretty darn impressive…

Today, the wildly popular messenger gets even better, as a new update for the app has just hit the App Store. The new version 2.8.3 brings a number of new features including encrypted Wi-Fi and mobile network messages, image auto-downloads, and much more. Head inside for the full changelog:

New Spotify update adds “Sort” button for playlists, plus much more

Wildly popular music streaming app, Spotify, just got even better with a brand new update that brings a number of cool little additions and improvements to the iOS app. Spotify is by far one of the best music streaming services out there, and with the company’s frequent updates and hard work, it’s easy to see why...

AT&T denies rumors, says there won’t be an employee vacation blackout

It was reported yesterday that AT&T would be following Verizon in its employee vacation blackout this September due to the next generation iPhone’s launch. However, the carrier is now denying the claims and says that there actually won’t be any company-wide vacation blackouts for the end of next month...

Facebook bans iPhones from work, focuses on development for Android

Mark Zuckerburg always admired Steve Jobs and is actually a fan of Apple’s work, so why did the Facebook CEO just ban his employees from bringing iPhones to work? Well, it actually sounds much worse than it really is. The matter of the fact is, the iPhone is taking most of the Facebook team’s attention, while they have lost focus on Android.

Last week, the company finally released a newly rebuilt Facebook app for iOS, making things much faster and bringing a whole new experience to its users. Now, Zuckerburg wants to focus his team’s attention to Google’s platform...

These are the 8 Samsung devices that Apple wants to ban

As you probably already know, our beloved Cupertino company won their trial against Samsung this past Friday. Well, Apple has wasted no time and has already listed the Samsung devices that it wants to ban in the US for patent infringement. The company is looking to give the boot to eight Samsung handsets, including the very popular Galaxy S II.

Head inside for the full list of phones currently on the list:

Android and iOS make tech history, growing faster than ever before

Chances are if someone doesn't have an iPhone they have an Android device, or at least a smart phone of some kind. Smart phone have revolutionized the way we conduct business and interact in our daily lives and more and more people continue to adopt them every day. We all know the mobile market is at an all time high, after all you can't turn on the TV nowadays without seeing at least one iPhone or Android device commercial, but just how popular are these devices?

New iPhone 5 parts leak, suggesting it will be packing NFC capabilities

Last night some new iPhone 5 parts showed up online, showing what are believed to be the new home button and FaceTime camera. We've seen these parts leaked in the past, but we haven't really seen anything regarding the rumored feature of the iPhone 5 being the first iDevice to feature NFC technology. However, these new images may shine some light on that subject, head inside for the full report.

AT&T follows Verizon in September employee vacation blackout

Although Apple hasn’t officially announced when it will be showing off the highly anticipated next-generation iPhone, the entire blogosphere seems to be positive that we already know the dates. We are all expecting to see the iPhone 5 get unveiled on September 12th, with a release coming shortly after on the 21st.

Multiple sources have all pointed to these dates, including some very credible sites with great track records. Furthermore, Verizon Wireless recently blacked out employee vacation days around the same time that the next-generation iPhone is expected to be released. Now, it appears that AT&T has just done the same…

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