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Images of a complete iPhone 5 front panel get leaked

We’re likely less than a month away from the official unveiling of the iPhone 5, so leaks have never been so plentiful. It seems as if there are a few leaks every single week, showing off different aspects of the upcoming idevice.

Today, pictures have leaked of what is supposedly a complete front panel of the next-generation iPhone. As you can see in the images above, the front panel has the rumored elongated display and the repositioned FaceTime camera. Both of these features have been heavily rumored in the past couple of months so this may very well be legit.

Apple replies to SMS vulnerability, urges people to use iMessage instead

Yesterday, we reported about a dangerous SMS flaw in the iPhone that was first pointed out by the famous iOS hacker pod2g. Basically, someone could theoretically change the reply-to number in the SMS message that you receive, without you even knowing. Furthermore, someone can send a fully spoofed message that shows a completely different number than the one being used.

Pod2g noted that this bug has been here since the original first-generation iPhone and is still present in iOS 6 beta 4. Apple released an official statement on the issue today:

Professional clown arrested for being in possession of Steve Jobs’s stolen iPad

Well, this is interesting. A few days ago we reported that a 35-year old homeless man by the name of Kariem McFarlin had broken into Steve Jobs’s home in Palo Alto, California and stolen a number of things. Now, a professional clown has been arrested for being in possession of Steve Jobs’s stolen iPad.

Sprint will offer new customers $400 of in-store credit

Sprint has been working hard to attract new subscribers and has recently offered two new great promotions: a $50 iPhone discount and a $100 American Express Reward card offer. However, a new promotion is coming that we think blows the other two out of the water.

According to a new report, the Now Network will soon offer $400 of in-store credit to new customers if they switch to Sprint and sign a 2-year contract.

Scratch your screen with a Cellhelmet screen protector and they’ll replace your display for free

A case-maker company by the name of Cellhelmet is getting ready to launch a new line of screen protectors for the iPhone that offer a very interesting guarantee. If your iPhone’s screen gets scratched or cracks while having the Cellhelmet screen protector on, Cellhelmet will replace the display free of charge.

New “Turn to Hangup” tweak lets you dismiss incoming calls by placing your iPhone on its face

An awesome new jailbreak tweak was released on Cydia recently and brings a cool little feature to your iPhone. It goes by the name of “Turn to Hangup”, and as you can probably tell from the name, the tweak enables you to instantly dismiss an incoming call when you place your iPhone on it’s face.

New Back to School update brings 20 new levels to Angry Birds Seasons

The folks over at Rovio have just updated the Angry Birds Seasons game with the Back to School update! The new version brings us 20 new schoolyard levels and an awesome new bird!

Pod2g finds huge SMS security issue on iOS

iOS is surely one of the safest mobile platforms around, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have vulnerabilities. In fact, the reason we are able to jailbreak our idevices is because of the exploits that hackers have found in iOS in the past.

Well, famous iOS hacker pod2g has just found another security issue with Apple’s beloved iOS. In his blog post, he explains that there is a problem with the way that the iPhone handles SMS, which may lead to text message spoofing…

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