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Apple N Berry steps up their game, moves onto permanent unlocking

Most of you who Apple N Berry are, their the makers of the GEVEY unlocking options. However, the GEVEY unlocking tool doesn't truly unlock your phone, and is limited in its use. Now their stepping up their game by entering the world of IMEI unlocking, which they state will unlock any AT&T iPhone. Unlike GEVEY, this new unlocking service will permanently unlock your phone.

Mac App Store falls victim to in-app purchasing hack

By now you've heard of the Russian hacker that found an exploit allowing users to install in-app content for free. Now comes more bad news for developers, the hacker has set his eyes on the Mac App Store.



Source: CNET
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Nearly every phone forum you go to you'll see a “post your homescreen” thread, it's a great way to share and discover new themes. is a website where they bring this tradition together in one site, making it easier to share your favorite things with fellow geeks. Finally after being in a private beta for around two years is open to all. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up for free and share your home screen with everyone.

Apple: in-app purchasing exploit won’t be an issue in iOS 6

Apple has been shooting out emails to developers today with more information, in regards to the recently found exploit for in-app purchasing which allowed users to get paid app content for free. Head inside for a statement from Apple.

Sparrow email client bought by Google, no new features to come

Sparrow, the popular email client has announced that they've been bought up by Google. With this comes some bad news; the Sparrow team will be working with the Gmail team, so the app for Mac and iPhone won't be receiving any new features. Head inside for the full report.

Fox movies finally come to iTunes in the cloud

Some months ago it was announced that 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios wouldn't be able to make a deal with Apple, due to licensing problems with HBO. Universal was able to come to an agreement shortly after. Now after months of waiting, users are reporting that previously bought Fox movies are now available for re-download in the cloud.

iTunes in the Cloud now available 30 new countries

After today's iTunes Match extension, Apple is keeping at it. Today they add movie support for iTunes in the Cloud to over 30 new counties. Keep reading for the full list.

Carriers supposedly testing new nano SIM cards for Apple


With the European Telecommunications Standards Institute backing Apple and their new nano SIM cards, which were made the industry standard, we could be seeing these miniature SIM cards making their debut along with the iPhone 5 this fall. According to a new report, Apple is already supplying carriers with nano SIM cards for testing.



Source: BGR
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