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Google Maps Gets Major Update

The popular Google Maps app for iOS has just received a major update, bringing tons of awesome new features. New lane guidance for turn-by-turn navigation, the ability to save offline maps, and filtered search results are all included in the new version of Google Maps. Head inside for the full changelog:

Google Play Music All Access Now Available In Canada

It’s been a long time coming for our Canadian users, but Google’s All Access music subscription service is now finally available in Canada! Canadian iOS and Android users can now have unlimited access to over 25 million songs on all of their handsets.

New Mock-Ups Show Off iPhone 6 In Space Grey

The last couple of months have been filled with exciting iPhone 6 rumors and mock-ups. Most of the recent renders we’ve seen suggest that the next generation iPhone will have a larger screen and rounded corners. Well, the new photos we have for you today are no different…

iPhone 6 Rumored To Be 6mm Thick, Is That Too Thin?









Schemantics supposedly meant for case makers of the iPhone 6 have 'leaked'. Now we absolutely no idea whether or no these are legit so just enjoy using your imagination for a moment and pretending they're the real deal, besides who knows, they really could be. Check out the next page for another image released from a seperate rumor factory and my take on them. With the power button being moved to the side of the device, and the lack of the dual flash option, plus the size to handle a 4.7" screen, it's hard to tell you what we are looking at.

New iPhone 6 Concept Depicts Curved Screen And Edges

The newest rumors and pics have just arrived and they're, as always, totally drool worthy. So yesterday I posted about some rounded backplates similar to those of the iPod Touch line, you can check out that article here. But these new images are actually more attractive than yesterday's mock-ups in my opinion, by curving the display around the edges you reduce the width of the bezel allowing a larger screen to fit on a smaller device. The last thing I want Apple to do is create a phablet. A thinner phone I'm fine with cause that leaves more space for a nice case to wrap around it, but wider and taller is a no-go for me. Check out the next page for some more images, as well as a few more boisterous opinions from yours truly.

Apple is Finally Replacing iPhone 5 Faulty Power Buttons

Years and years after the iPhone 4 was strucken with the same faulty craftsmanship, Apple is finally taking some responsibility and replacing the power buttons in only iPhone 5 units. Taking them in to your local Apple Store or authorized third-party and mailing them in to a repair center means you'll be phoneless for a few days, but it could be worth it to some.

iOS 8 Concept Video Brings Rumors To Life

The folks over at TechRadar have put together an interesting little video of what they think the new iOS 8 may look like. The video shows off rumored new apps like Preview, TextEdit, Tips and more. They also mention that the new iOS may be “perfectly tailored for the iPhone 6.” Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 mockup used in the video is missing a home button on the bottom of the device, and while I actually prefer it that way, it is highly unlikely that Apple will get rid of its new TouchID button.

Thus, you should probably take the concept with a grain of salt. Check it out and let us know what you think:

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iPhone 6 concept curved like iPod Touch, looks pretty good


A Japanese blog entitled Macotakara says the upcoming iPhone 6 will likely have curved aluminum edges and backplate, the only glass being that of the camera lens. Macotakara has a fair track record according to some big name sources. I don't personally know what to tell you about the blog, regardless it's a cool thought, and definetely not the first time it has been discussed.

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