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iPhone-Developers Gets Tapatalk Support

We're excited to announce that iPhone-Developers has officially installed Tapatalk support for the forums. All users who have downloaded the Tapatalk app will now be able to browse and interact on the forums within a native iPhone application.

A branded and customized version of this application may be coming at some point in the future, but for now it is great to have this ability for those who use Tapatalk on a regular bassis.

Full information and instructions are available in the forum thread.

SFGate Bashes Apple in Recent Slant

We recently spoke of Apple's breakthrough into the top 5 list of smart phone manufacturers, mentioning that this was good news for Apple, who has continued to gain ground despite being out-modeled and out-gunned. Apparently, Jay Yarrow of the Business Insider and though otherwise, choosing to subjectify the argument, claiming that Apple is getting smashed by the Google Android.

While it is true that Apple iPhones are outsold by their Google rival, what the numbers don't tell is the fact that Apple's single iPhone 4 is down only 17% against what can now only seem to be called, The Droid Army. Let's also not forget that sales of the iPod Touch and iPad are still blowing their competitors out of the water. Still, it will be interesting to see how holiday shoppers choose sides this season, and whether the Droid continues to build and capitalize on its early momentum.

That being said, I'm not sure Apple ever set out to dominate the market in the first place. They'd much prefer to cater to a smaller, more appreciative audience, selling them apps on the way up and down instead. Smart phones are a loss leader, which is why Apple is content to stick where they are and let the iTunes marketplace make up the difference. 

Perhaps this is why Verizon has decided to launch their own app store, choosing to compete against their partner (Google) rather than help them put a true dent in Apple's software power. 

Of course, none of this will matter once the iPhone 4 is official on the Verizon platform. From then on, I predict game over for the Android. 


Source: SFGate
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Get Election Coverage from Your iPhone

Today is mid-term election day in the US, which means Republicans, Democrats, and Independent voters will be running amuck from the time the polls open to the time they close. Though I'd love to see an app for the iPhone that let me vote from my house, I suppose I'll settle for the next best thing, which would be to follow the coverage without having to sit in front of my TV all day long.

Here's your unbiased guide to unbiased coverage:

1. FoxNews App - A free news app for iPhone.

2. CNN Election Center - Free election coverage from your phone.

3. MSNBC News App - Rather bare bones, but it does the job.

4. Fox News Election Coverage - This one is only 99 cents, but is focused solely on election coverage.

5. Google Election Center App - A web based app that helps you find your polling location.

And there you have it, an easy way to stay connected while on the go.  If you've found a better app that those listed here, we'd love to hear about it!

Is Apple Using Section 12.3 of Developer Guidelines to Reject Apps from 3rd Party Tools?

Though several startups, such as MotherApp and AppMakr, have tried to help non-tech types to get their own apps onto the App store, Apple continues to toss the ban hammer on unsuspecting newbie developers, often citing guidelines that contradict prior versions.

In a recent example, there have been several developers that have had simple RSS and aggregation style apps denied for "Section 12.3 Apps that are simply web clippings, content aggregators, or a collection of links, may be rejected."

Though some of the rejected apps are admittedly sparse with content, looking through the app store it's clear that Apple's review process is still much more subjective than it should be. 

What's interesting about all of this is that just 2 months ago, Apple removed the restrictions barring these 3rd party engines from participating while simultaneously removing the mystery surrounding the approval process. In other words, developers are more confused than ever.

From a user perspective, Apple does well by enforcing strict approval guidelines and ensuring that their marketplace remains fresh and relevant. From a developers perspective, it's becoming increasingly difficult to understand what the man behind the curtain really thinks.

New 4.2 Firmware Making iOS Printing Apps Obsolete

Just minutes ago, I received the Apple Developer Portal with the announcement that they're now accepting application submissions for iOS 4.2 apps. 

What does this mean?

For starters, it means that the iPad is FINALLY getting multitasking, iAd, and the advanced functionality that iOS 4+ offers. It also means that Apple is moving quickly to capitalize on what is sure to be a flurry of download activity in the coming holiday months. It will be interesting to see how iPad developers integrate the new game center, but perhaps more interesting to see how the early iPhone developers react to iOS's built in "AirPrint" technology, making their "print for your iPhone/iPad" apps obsolete.

Though you can't argue that Apple is being smart in upgrading the core iOS feature base, should they do it in spite of the innovation and ingenuity of their developer base?

It should be stated that very few printers support AirPrint at this time (the HP B210, C310, and C410), so for now, the developers can rest easy. That being said, be careful what you create, because Apple is always looking for great ideas to snag. 

It will also be interesting to see how printer manufacturers respond to the upgrade. Is the cost of implementing this technology worth the investment? My guess is that like everything else Apple creates as of late, AirPrint will be yet another success. 

iPhone Dev-Team Updates Redsn0w 0.9.6 beta with Limera1n, Jailbreaks 4.2 GM

The iPhone Dev-Team has released a new version of RedSn0w for Mac and Windows that uses the Limera1n exploit to support more devices and offer the ability to restore custom firmware ipsws.

Redsn0w now supports the iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPad, iPod 2G, 3G, and 4G (Not MC devices yet) on 4.1 firmware. They have also brought back the ability to use custom boot logos and have added the ability for Windows users to restore from custom IPSW files that were created using PwnageTool.

Update: This update continues to jailbreak version 4.2 GM which was released just hours ago to developers. It's not recommended that you try JBing 4.3 yet (unless you are an app developer) as most things will not yet work on 4.2 firmware.

How To Enable 720p HD Video Recording on Jailbroken iPhone 3Gs

An iOS developer named Mike Pan has managed to unlock native HD video recording capabilities of the iPhone 3GS, allowing the owners of these devices to record HD video at up to 1080x800 resolution. It seems that the built in ARM Cortex processor of the 3GS is more than capable of encoding and playing this type of HD video (though you'll need to use Pixelpipe from the App store if you want to upload HD video without your iPhone downsampling it).

Requirements are pretty standard: your phone needs to be a 3GS running os 4.1 and it needs to be jailbroken. You'll also be required to SSH into your device in order to make the necessary changes, so you'll have to install OpenSSH and use your favorite desktop file transfer software (Cyberduck and WinSCP recommended).

Brave iphone users can find the full instructions at the two source links, and for the rest of us the developer has promised an easier to use Cydia application will be coming soon. Video after the break.

Update: Another developer has released a version of this tweak that allows 960x720 resolution at 30fps. Source link has been added for anyone interested.

Chinese Apple store now online!

Today, Apple's online store went down temporarily. Some were hoping it was an Apple product upgrade, or even the White iPhone 4 creeping it's way back onto the Online Store, but no instead today is the launch of the Online Apple store for china. Go and check out the site if you want but you'll have to be able to read Chinese (Simplified Han) , So what does this mean? This is great news for anybody in China, after all, pretty much all Apple products are assembled in China and now they have the opportunity to buy them from the new online store.



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