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Gorgeous New Renderings Show Us What A Gold iPhone 5S Could Look Like

We’re definitely not far from finally seeing the next-generation iPhones, as September 10th is right around the corner. Multiple sources have pointed to a gold iPhone 5S coming out next month, but we have yet to actually see any leaks of the device itself. Thus, we have left it up to talented concept designers like Martin Hajek to put together renderings of what the gold iPhone 5S might look like.  Head inside for his gorgeous Gold iPhone and iPad designs…

Leaked Video of alleged iPhone 5C demonstrates scratch resistant backplate

iPhone 5C (colors, Apple Daily)

(Takes a deep breath) The Apple iPhone 5C, have you guys heard about this thing yet? It's going to be Apple's new mid-tier phone, it was supposed to be the low budget option but apparently Apple has millions of iPhone 4S handsets left over, so the 4S is the bottom bracket of Apple devices. It's even rumored they may stop making the iPhone 5 entirely.

Today we have a video of what appears to be an iPhone 5C backplate recieving a 'scratch test,' this highly scientific procedure involves an artificial pocket and a video camera that's obviously an old Android phone. Seriously though, there isn't a single moment this video is in focus.  The micrometer data is reliable, assuming it's an actual Apple 5C backplate.  Read more to check out the video, it's cool regardless of the sketchiness.

AT&T To Launch 50 New LTE Markets By End Of 2013

AT&T is making some great progress in the LTE race by announcing that it will be launching its LTE network in 50 new markets by the end of this year. The carrier plans to end the year with around 420 markets having the latest 4G LTE network.

Next-Generation iPhones To Launch On September 20

Mock-up of rumored golden iPhone 5S

According to a new report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei, both of Apple’s next-generation iPhones (iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C) will be released in Japan on Friday, September 20th. Considering the fact that Apple will unveil the new iPhones on September 10th, the new rumored rollout date may actually be a possibility.

In the past, Apple has generally launched their products about a week and a half after announcing them. The iPhone 5 was announced on September 12th last year and released nine days later on the 21st. Thus, the 20th sounds very likely for the next round of Apple devices to be released.

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New YouTube update for iOS said to be rolling out today


Yesterday Android got the 'big' YouTube update, and it included in-app multitasking, such as watching a video while you search for one.  Also Chromecast support has been added (Seriously though, who isn't going to buy one of these?). iOS apparently got the update as well, though it's not showing up for me in the App Store, supposedly other people are already using this.

Morgan Stanley survey says iPhone 5C could mean big gains in China for Apple

iPhone 5C boxes (Martin Hajek 001)

According to surveys by the Morgan Stanley group an iPhone 5C at the right price could give Apple the huge bump it so desperately needs in China.  For those of you unconcerned about China's mobile market, you obviously don't know that China is the world's largest mobile market.  China Mobile alone has 740 million subscribers as of July 2013.  There are more than twice as many China Mobile customers than there are people living in the United States (313.9 million).  So this is a BIG deal for Apple, and its share holders.



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Google Maps acquisition of Waze finally paying off


Waze was originally purchased by Google for use in its Google Maps application back in June. For those of you unfamiliar with Waze, it's a crowd sourced navigation app. What this means is users can live update the directions you receive from the app with; traffic, accident reports, speed traps, and road contruction. After enough users have reported one of the incidents above, the directions you receive will be altered, ideally, in your favor.

The 16 Most Expensive Apps For The iPhone

The folks over at Top Apps have put together an interesting inforgraphic showing off the App Store’s most expensive apps that you can buy. Most of us would expect the most expensive apps to top out at around $50, and even then they’d cost way too much. But apparently, there are several apps in the App Store with the insane price tag of $999.99. What in the world could these apps offer that would make them cost $999.99? Head inside to find out:

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