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Apple’s “Bang Per Watt” better than Android

Steve Cheney, a former author over at TechCrunch and head of business development for the app, GroupMe. Cheney has some pretty strong words to say about the Apple versus Android argument, rightfully so with a reputable background in the tech and mobile marketing world.  He came up with a measurment he likes to call "bang per watt." And according to his theory Apple is still in the lead, regardless of Android's tremendous adoption rate.

U.S. only: Apple launches huge iTunes movie trilogy and bundle sale

There are few things better than grabbing friends and family to watch a couple of movies on your day off, the problem is most of the collection can get played out pretty quick. Well you're in the clear, at least for now; Apple has just launched a major movie sale on iTunes, bundle style.

Not enough fingerprint scanners to meet iPhone 5S demand

The iPhone 5S is supposedly right around the corner, and this time around it's rumored that it'll come with a fingerprint scanner built into somewhere.  Most people think the scanner will be placed under the home button, which makes sense. According to a reputable Taiwanese publication called DigiTimes, Apple may not be able to produce the ten million units for its release date as planned.  Instead a mere 3-4 million units will be ready in time for the stores.  The reason why being that the company hired to produce the parts can't keep up.



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Skype For iPhone Updated To Bring HD Video Calls

Skype has just released an update for its iPhone app, shortly after releasing one for the iPad.  The update brings HD video calls to the iPhone 5, as well as improved call stability and quality.

Say ‘hello’  to friends and family with an instant message, voice or video call on Skype for free. There’s so much you can do, right from the palm of your hand.

What's New In This Version:
Call quality improvements
- Make HD quality video calls from your iPhone 5.
- General improvements to call quality and stability.

General fixes and improvements
- A redesigned country code picker on the dial pad.

You can download Skype for the iPhone now from the App Store for free.

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Facebook App Updated To Support Hashtags And More

Facebook has just updated its iOS app to include some cool new features. The latest version brings support for hashtags, the ability to make reservations at restaurants, and much more. Head inside for the full change log:

BlackBerry board of directors exploring alternatives

Canada's coolest company, BlackBerry, is in the midst of a change.  Looking for 'strategic alternatives' such as; joint venture, partnership, sale of assets, or just plain old selling the company.  Prem Watsa, CEO of Fairfax Financial, resigned from BlackBerry's board of directors due to conflicting interests.  It's worth noting that Farifax Financial is BlackBerry's largest shareholder.  One would assume they get free BlackBerry Z10s for working at Fairfax Financial, or at least they did.



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WSJ: iPad 5 borrowing form factor and display tech from iPad mini

With countless reports, rumors, and leaks from countless corners of the Internet, we feel we've got a pretty good idea on what Apple is packing in the iPad 5. Undoubtedly the most famous of these is that the 9.7 inch iPad line will finally receive a design upgrade; thought to be borrowing its form factor from the iPad mini. Today the Wall Street Journal has something to say on the matter, offering a few details on what we're in for in September.

Officials block Apple from collecting Flyover data in Oslo

Apple customers, both residents and visitors, in Oslo, Norway have yet to get their hands on Apple's Flyover, a new feature released in iOS 6 as part of Apple Maps. With such a late delay, chances of Oslo customers getting the new feature any time soon have already been doubtful, but today, via newspaper article, a Norwegian official is here to reiterate the governments stance and reasoning.



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