Find 3rd Party (Jailbreak) Apps:


21. Poof! - Hide Applications from Springboard

  • 7/10

Poof is a Cydia application that lets you hide icons and applications from your springboard in the event that they take up too much space or… [Full Review...]

22. MxTube

  • 9/10

Mxweas strikes again, this time with yet another amazing free app for jailbroken phones. 

MxTube is a Cydia app that lets you browse and download… [Full Review...]

23. iBlacklist

  • 8/10

iBlacklist is an app that lets you create blacklists on your phone so that you can block calls and messages from people you don't want to… [Full Review...]

24. Covert

  • 6/10

Covert is an app that makes it possible for you to browse the web privately via Safari, without adding any icons on your dock or springboard.… [Full Review...]

25. Airport Distance

  • 5/10

Have you ever been on a flight and wondered how far you had to go to get to your destination? What about driving to the airport… [Full Review...]

26. Rock Paper Scissors

  • 3/10

There are a variety of rock, paper, scissors apps for jailbroken phones, but I grabbed the first free one that I could find, hoping that I'd… [Full Review...]

27. qTweeter

  • 6.5/10

qTweeter is one of many available Twitter clients available on both iTunes and Cydia, but don't let it's name fool also works for Facebook. However,… [Full Review...]

28. Easy Wakeup (Full)

  • 7/10

Apple isn't a fan of alarm clock apps because they mirror native features of the iOS, and even though they let them through, they often limit… [Full Review...]

29. A Wolf 3D

  • 9/10

I remember playing this game as a young teenager, first as Doom, then going back and finding the gem that is and was Wolfenstein. First of… [Full Review...]

30. BytaFont

  • 8.5/10

We've already written briefly about BytaFont as an up and coming replacement for those of you frustrated by FontSwap's lack of support for the current iOS… [Full Review...]

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