Find 3rd Party (Jailbreak) Apps:


41. InfiniDock

  • 9.5/10

How many applications can you fit in your dock? 4? 5? 6? Well, with InfiniDock, you can add as many as you want, without them stacking… [Full Review...]

42. IntelliScreen

  • 9.5/10

Like LockInfo, IntelliScreen is a Cydia app that allows you to take control of your locking screen and display information from your phone. The default… [Full Review...]

43. LockInfo

  • 9/10

LockInfo claims to give the user complete control over their home and lock screens, and to some effect it does that. 

The default display shows… [Full Review...]

44. SBOrganizer

  • 7/10

If you like re-organising your Springboard a lot, for example for different themes where Springboard icons require positioning in certain places, or maybe you just like… [Full Review...]

45. PkgBackup

  • 8/10

If you're a jailbreaker and love customising your iDevice, spending hours installing your favourite Cydia apps, applying your favourite theme and installing other packages from Cydia,… [Full Review...]

46. Cyntact

  • 7/10

Cyntact is a tweak that alters the iPhone contact list to display a thumbnail of the photos you've already assigned to each contact. The images, which… [Full Review...]

47. MxTube

  • 7/10

MxTube is a free (donations requested), ad-supported application that lets users stream and, more interestingly, download hi- and low-res YouTube videos. The application gets a solid… [Full Review...]

48. Multifl0w

  • 9/10

So by now, if you've upgraded to iOS4, you'll have no doubt tried out the built in multitasker which lets you switch between any open apps… [Full Review...]

49. iBlacklist

  • 7.5/10

Do you have certain callers that you want to divert to voicemail at certain times of the day?  How about blocking certain callers altogether?  What about… [Full Review...]

50. FontSwap

  • 7/10

If you are bored of the default fonts on your iPhone or just fancy a bit of a change, FontSwap provides an easy way to swap… [Full Review...]

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