Most Reviewed 3rd Party (Jailbreak) Apps:

11. Five Icon Dock

  • 8/10

If you've got just enough apps that you consider key apps or dock apps but not so many that you need more than five, and you… [Full Review...]

12. SBOrganizer

  • 7/10

If you like re-organising your Springboard a lot, for example for different themes where Springboard icons require positioning in certain places, or maybe you just like… [Full Review...]

13. Weathericon

  • 7.5/10

If you're the sort of person that likes to see what the weather is at a glance, then maybe you've already installed an alternative weather app… [Full Review...]

14. iFile

  • 8/10

If you want to be able to browse the system files and folders of you iPhone, on your iPhone without the need to connect via your… [Full Review...]

15. AptBackup

  • 7/10

Unlike App store apps which automatically re-sync when restoring in iTunes, jailbreak apps do not, so when upgrading to the latest firmware and then re-jailbreaking, you'll… [Full Review...]

16. Multifl0w

  • 9/10

So by now, if you've upgraded to iOS4, you'll have no doubt tried out the built in multitasker which lets you switch between any open apps… [Full Review...]

17. Parallax

  • 7/10

So iOS4 allows you to save wallpapers to your homescreen as well as your lockscreen - nothing really new for jailbreakers there and an option that… [Full Review...]

18. FontSwap

  • 7/10

If you are bored of the default fonts on your iPhone or just fancy a bit of a change, FontSwap provides an easy way to swap… [Full Review...]

19. Make It Mine

  • 8/10

Make It Mine, or MIM, is a very simple program that allows you to change the carrier and top banner of your iPhone to anything you… [Full Review...]

20. Gridlock

  • 8/10

If you are bored with the classic grid layout on your idevice, the straight columns and rows and how the icons always snap to the nearest… [Full Review...]

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