Most Reviewed 3rd Party (Jailbreak) Apps:

61. NowPlaying on Status Bar

  • 7/10


For those of you who love to listening to music on your idevices, you may be interested in a cool new tweak dubbed NowPlaying… [Full Review...]

62. MuteIcon

  • 7/10


One of my favorite things about the iPhone is the volume switch on the side. Instead of unlocking my phone and manually clicking the… [Full Review...]

63. DockColorize

  • 7/10


If you love to theme your iDevice like me, you know that sometimes tiny things can throw off the look look your… [Full Review...]

64. VolumeColor

  • 7/10


iOS developers PrimeCode and CoolStar have teamed up to bring a cool new tweak that allows users to change the color of the Volume… [Full Review...]

65. Enable Copy Text In Facebook

  • 6/10

For some odd reason, the iOS Facebook app allows users to copy text from comments, but not from the actual Facebook statuses themselves. Thus, developer Nitram88… [Full Review...]

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