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Apple Hunting Down Teen - Here Comes the Fury

Just yesterday we shared the story of a Queens NY teen that found a way to profit on Apple's inability to get the white iPhone 4 to market, selling well over six-figures over the course of a few months. We also mentioned that the 17 year old had been contacting by someone, claiming to be a private investigator.

Well it appears that this man has now identified himself as an agent for Apple, claiming that the teen is selling black market goods. The story has become so heated, that Apple has not decided to tackle this issue directly, seemingly trying to intimidate the young man into quitting.

Looking at this case, it's unclear as to what legal recourse Apple has, though it's probable that the teen is violating trademark rights by selling cases with the Apple logo embedded on the back. Apple is probably less concerned about the few hundred thousand in sales than they are with the possibility that someone is selling their hardware illegally. If this is indeed a case of Foxconn selling prototypes out the back door, then I'm going to get out the popcorn and enjoy the view. 

Should Apple go after the teen, they'll likely be limited by the fact that he's not yet 18, and the public is on his side. Of course, when has Apple ever cared about public opinion?

If anything, this case has proven one thing: people must really want white iPhone's. If you're old enough to remember, there was a similar craze during upon the release of the first Matrix movie, and pop-out Nokia mods were all the rage.

BigBoss Warns Unlockers to Stay Away from iOS 4.2.1

Just yesterday, BigBoss got a tip that Apple had installed a baseband requirement for iOS, meaning that if you are running an unlocked phone and attempt to update to the latest iOS, you could get stuck in recovery mode until you restore to a regular version of the iOS via iTunes. 

So what does this mean? 

BigBoss recommends that unlockers stay as far away from iOS 4.2 as possible, even if for development. 

If you're not sure what unlocking means, then this won't apply. Instead, I recommend that you read this piece (oldie, but a goodie) on the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking before trying to make sense of what baseband and/or modems have to do with your iPhone.

In short, jailbreaking is the ability to run non-licensed applications via Cydia, whereas unlocking is being able to unlock your SIM card so that you can move away from ATT and to other providers, such as T-Mobile. For 99% of the population, unlocking is simply unnecessary and more trouble that it is worth. If that's you, the these aren't the droids you're looking for :)

If that's not you, we'll keep you posted as more details arise. For now, it looks like Saurik and others are working on a fix, but a due date is uncertain.

BytaFont Makes Changing System Fonts a Snap


For those of you frustrated by FontSwap's lack of support for iOS 4.0 (only 2 fonts appear to work on devices running 4.0+), I'm pleased to share BytaFont, which has quickly taken the Cydia marketplace by storm as a way to quickly and easily change your system font without SSH or any high level hacking.

To download new fonts, simply visit the font category in the Cydia marketplace and download any fonts you wish to install. BytaFont will immediately recognize them and with one click give you the option to change to your newly downloaded font.

Once I've had a bit of time to play with this app, I'll give a full review, but in the meantime I've been downloading and swapping fonts without issue. 

You can use this app in tandem with Winterboard themes, or on its own, but at first glance it appears that BytaFont will overwrite theme fonts. Regardless, it's an easy install, and it's free, so go give it a try.

Click here for the app's home page.


Quake 3 Arena iPad Gameplay Demo & Installation Instructions

This is a gameplay demo of the Quake III Arena port brought to the Apple iPad by Alexander Pick. This is version 0.1 that is iPad Native running at a resolution of 1024x768 on iOS 4.1 with on screen controls. Installation instructions and more information are available in the video below, full description and discussion are at the forums (linked below).


PhoneDisk Enables iPhone Filesystem Access from Finder (Free ‘til December 1st)

PhoneDisk is an app available for Mac and Windows that allows you to access, preview, open, edit and save files and documents your iProduct's filesystem from both Mac and Windows.

Best of all,  this application will be free until December 1st 2010. All you have to do is go to PhoneDisk's Website, and Download PhoneDisk. You may use the key on their website, which is as follows: "2H96A-QK7MX-8GEYK1V-ZR6S8". 

Once you're activated and all set up, you can connect your iProduct to your computer via USB, launch PhoneDisk and you will get access to the iPhone's folders. If your device is Jailbroken, you will get full access to all system files, folders, and more (Without OpenSSH installed!). Otherwise, you will only see files related to media.

Get it while its free!

How To Enable 720p HD Video Recording on Jailbroken iPhone 3Gs

An iOS developer named Mike Pan has managed to unlock native HD video recording capabilities of the iPhone 3GS, allowing the owners of these devices to record HD video at up to 1080x800 resolution. It seems that the built in ARM Cortex processor of the 3GS is more than capable of encoding and playing this type of HD video (though you'll need to use Pixelpipe from the App store if you want to upload HD video without your iPhone downsampling it).

Requirements are pretty standard: your phone needs to be a 3GS running os 4.1 and it needs to be jailbroken. You'll also be required to SSH into your device in order to make the necessary changes, so you'll have to install OpenSSH and use your favorite desktop file transfer software (Cyberduck and WinSCP recommended).

Brave iphone users can find the full instructions at the two source links, and for the rest of us the developer has promised an easier to use Cydia application will be coming soon. Video after the break.

Update: Another developer has released a version of this tweak that allows 960x720 resolution at 30fps. Source link has been added for anyone interested.

HTC Plugin for LockInfo: Turn your iPhone into an HTC Lookalike

Have you ever wanted your iPhone to have a screen that looks like an HTC device? Have you wanted your lockscreen to be more useful or display customized information? This application can accomplish both of these things.

When you install this plugin for the LockInfo app you can display weather, news, email/sms, and other information in a style very similar to HTC Sense UI -- and turn a lot of heads in the process. Read our full review for more.

iOS 4.2 to Fix iPhone Security Flaw

A bug in iOS 4.1 has been found, allowing the iPhone's lock to be bypassed by pressing a sequence of buttons on the emergency dial screen. 

Currently, the sequence works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken phones, giving hackers the chance to make calls, access and send email, and break into that phone's address book. While you can avoid this by simply being smart in where you leave your phone, Apple has acknowledged the bug and plans to fix in with the next iOS release (4.2). 

If you'd like to check the exploit on your own device, try the following sequence (credit, MacRumors):

"When your iPhone is locked with a passcode tap Emergency Call, then enter a non-emergency number such as ###. Next tap the call button and immediately hit the lock button. It should open up the Phone app where you can see all your contacts, call any number, etc."

Alternatively, here's a video of the exploit.

Of course, you probably won't have to worry about grandma breaking into your address book, the smart play is to keep your phone in your pocket, especially when in public locations. 

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