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Apple pledges to end hiring discrimination against long-term unemployed

Apple joins a new program to help end discrimination against those who have been unemployed for a long time and are seeking jobs. Apple isn’t the only company onboard with the President Obama’s new program and is standing with these corporations. Matter of fact 300 businesses are taking the pledge to support the program. 

Facebook announces release of a new app called ‘Paper’

There have been rumors of a new app brewing in the Facebook application factory and today confirms that the social network giant is indeed creating a new app. The app is called ‘Paper’ which seems to be a Flipboard styled newsfeed app. This newsreader app will be released on this coming Monday. 

PayPal looking to partner with Apple as a mobile payment option

Today there was an alleged claim that PayPal wants to partner with Apple to become one of the mobile payment options. The story was feed to us by Re/code and was citing some unnamed sources who said “willing to white label parts of it’s payment service.” PayPal is also offering to handle the dirty work for Apple, trying to make a strong case for being a reliable payment service. 

SwiftKey Note now available for iPhone and iPad

Last week we brought to your attention of SwiftKey’s new app called SwiftKey Note. This new app is a brand new way to takes notes faster and efficiently. Today SwiftKey’s app hit the Apple App Store. Note was created to make taking notes easier with next word prediction. 

Saurik shares what jailbreak tweaks and apps are on his phone

Ever wonder what jailbreak tweaks and apps developers and hackers use on their devices? There are hundreds of options to choose from, which ones make it as daily drivers? One of the main people in the jailbreak community, Saurik, posted a list of what mods he uses on his device. 

Apple TV gets its own category in the Apple online store


Along with some of the changes we have seen in the Apple Store today that include a Valentine’s Day theme is the Apple TV now has its own category in the Apple online store. Prior to the changes the Apple TV was listed simply as an accessory but now is considered its own product line.

Donald Trump disapproves of Apple’s decision of not making large iPhones

Donald Trump blasted out some tweets today explaining his viewpoint of why Apple is falling and goes as far to say he has sold all his Apple stock. Some of this reaction is from the continuous reports of Apple’s stock and sales not really doing all entirely well. 

New video of iOS in the Car surfaces

More developments are rise, as speculation seems to be building with progression of Apple’s project iOS in the Car. Last week we saw some images of iOS in the Car, but today we are dawned with a video. The short 88-second clip is a simulation video showing off the Maps application. 

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