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From Uncarrier to Unbanking, manage your money with T-Mobile

T-Mobile is surely on the move and very active these days. Recently TMO began offering customers the option to leave their current carrier and join the T-Mobile family. Not too mention they will provide you with a Break Up Letter to present to your old carrier. Classic stuff if you ask me. Today, not only can you be part of the Uncarrier Movement, but also manage your money with their new banking system. 

Candy Crush Saga trademarks ‘candy’ targeting app developers

King, creator of the popular game Candy Crush Saga filed a trademark claim for the word ‘candy.’ Yes, you read that correctly. Someone is indeed trying to trademark the word candy. The claim was filed last February and guess what? They won and now developers are getting emails asking to remove the word from any app name containing the word candy. 

Possible leaked screenshots of iOS in the Car [gallery]

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith posted some leaked screenshots of what iOS in the Car looks like. The images were posted to Twitter for the entire world to see. Troughton-Smith posted the images without any sort of description and has yet to answer any questions about the screenshots from Twitter. Jump inside take a look for yourself!

Add animations to banner notifications and app switcher with ‘Animer7’

Animer7 is a new jailbreak tweak found in BigBoss’s repo in Cydia. This new tweak allows you change the way animations are presented in the banner notifications and app switcher. 

Colorize your idevice’s UI with the new jailbreak tweak ‘Fancy’

Now available in Cydia is the newly released jailbreak tweak called, Fancy. This repo lets you colorize your idevice’s interface such as the menus. Mitch Treece is the developer who made this new mod and is also responsible for Touch ID tweak called Touchy. 

Bye bye Google Schemer

Another Google app got the ax today and joins the piling list of apps that are getting phased out. Last year Google started to thin out apps and features built in the ecosystem and Google Schemer is the latest to be laid to rest. 

Unlock your Mac with Touch ID jailbreak tweak BioUnlock

BioUnlock concept

An upcoming jailbreak tweak will allow you to unlock your Mac using Touch ID. French developer Eric Castro is creating a tweak called BioUnlock. This is obviously only available for idevices with Touch ID support. There are some really cool tweaks using Touch ID and BioUnlock seems to be a sweet tweak everyone can look forward to using. 

iPhone sales looking good so far thanks to the holidays

The official holiday quarterly report does not publish until January 27th, but research firm NPD put together an interesting poll giving us an indicator of how sales are looking since the holidays. With two new iPhones released just before the holiday shopping season, sales helped Apple gain some ground versus the competition. Take a look at the stats below from the survey. 

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