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Grilling Phones - Are You Serious?

In the latest trend of video nonsense, EZGrill has attempted to draw more attention to their portable grilling unit by grilling up some phones. Like the "Will it Blend" video that swept the nation, the "What Grills Faster?" spoof serves up an iPhone 4, a Windows 7 phone, and an Android to see which can bear the heat of the grill longest. 

Though the Windows 7 phone wins in the end, that's not really the point, because honestly, what can you learn about a phone by melting it?

The point is that there is no point, which highlights the fact that even in a recession there seems to be no standard against wasteful and ignorant behavior, at least here in the US. We're talking about wasting thousands of dollars of hardware here, for a poorly performed publicity stunt. Is this what we've come to? 

What's next, cave paintings?

Here's the video:

iOS 4.2 Delayed Due to WiFi Issues

Endgadget is reporting that Apple has delayed the expected iOS 4.2 rollout until after the weekend, citing WiFi issues as the culprit. 

Though I've not had a lot of time to test the 4.2 GM seed, I haven't noticed any issues on my end. The only report is that users cannot use WiFi on affected devices, and there was no mention whether it was specific to the 3G or Wi-Fi version/s.

The good news is that as expected, the new Mac OS X and iTunes updates have been released, so you'll have time to play with them before updating your iPhone's OS. The only real change is the AirPlay and AirPrint support, both of which make our lives easier, but don't really excite me that much. These are features that should have been implemented long ago.

To be honest, considering you have to buy AirPlay "supported" speakers for these features to work, I find this update to be more of a frustration than anything else. Yes, multitasking support for the iPad is great, and yes, selling ads on my iPad apps is great, but I'm not in the mood to furnish my home stereo setup with Apple products. 

What's your take? 

Cydia Founder Preaches to Non-Converts at TEDx

In case you missed it, Jay Freeman, AKA Saurik, spoke recently at a TEDx event in Santa Barbara on the topic of jailbreaking. For those of you unfamiliar with TEDx events, they are a smaller local version of the "official" events, run by volunteers but carrying the official TED banner. 

In his speech, titled "Even Software Should Have Screws," Saurik reaches out to non-techies and regular phone users in an attempt to explain the world of Cydia and jailbreaking to the layman. 

You can watch via YouTube here:

Angry Birds Cases for Your Phone - Srsly?

In case you haven't seen the news, UK company O2 is going to be offering Angry Birds cases for the iPhone, starting this November. Unfortunately, they appear to only be available for UK customers (unless you're willing to travel or have someone grab one for you), and for iPhone 4's only.

While the novelty is intriguing, I can't help but to wonder why anyone would use one of these things on their beautiful iPhone 4? You certainly can't fault Rovio for going to the merchandising route, especially during the holiday season, but these cases look more like Glam than a serious iPhone case. 

The lovely thing about this is that if these merchandising deals do well, it paves the way for future developers to ink a contract of their own. It's hard to imagine how a silly game about shooting birds at pigs ended up being a worldwide phenomenon, but I suppose I wouldn't turn down the opportunity either.

When people ask me why I prefer to develop for iTunes than for Cydia, this is one of the reasons. The sky is the limit.

Anyway, if I'm going for a way to mod my phone's look, I'm more of a skin guy. Check out these Gelaskins for an example of how it can be done right.


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How to Dual Boot Your iPhone with Android

Recently I've talked a lot of smack about the Android and their inability to stack up against the iPhone and iOS, but that doesn't mean I'm a hater. In fact, I'm intrigued by the way Google integrates seamlessly into the Droid's OS. So when I saw that I could install Android Froyo on my iPhone 3G, giving me the chance to dual boot between iOS and Android, I couldn't turn it down. 

There's a great guid over at Redmond Pie that walks you through the process, which should take you between 30-60 minutes if you've already jailbroken your phone. To sum it up: 

Step 1: Jailbreak

Step 2: Install Repo

Step 3: Install Bootlace

Step 4: Install OpeniBoot and Android

Though I wasn't able to get a network connection, I was able to take this version of the Droid OS for a spin without any major issues. It was a fun experiment, and I suggest you give it a spin if you're looking to take the Android for a test drive. That being said, I can almost guarantee you won't keep it around for long, at least in this form. 

Venture Beat Claims iPhone Apps to Be Replaced by HTML5

Peter Yared, who recently penned a guest post for the mobile section of Venture Beat, is out of his mind. I once respected Venture Beat as an authoritative resource, but after this piece, I'm not sure.

In the post, titled: "The iPhone App is the Flash Homepage of 2010," Peter says that not only have native apps "run their course," but they are officially out as the official choice for business platforms.

As proof, he cites that HTML5 is consuming the market and that the inability to get to the front page of the app store deems the iTunes marketplace obsolete. Of course what he's forgetting is that it's not just the Fortune 500 companies that are developing apps for the iPhone, but indie developers and small to large sized software companies. Someone should tell Rovio that the iPhone app is dead before they start cashing those million dollar checks.

Though he's correct in stating that it's often much more efficient and cost effective to build a web app instead of a native app, what he's missing is that trying to teach an average web user how to access and then download a web app is much more difficult than giving them a link to your app in iTunes.

Call me an Apple fanboy, but there's a difference between a trend and a generalization, and this piece points to several of the latter with very little evidence of the former. I suppose the Mac App store is dead on arrival then too?

Would You Use 3D On Your iPhone?

The Associated Press has reported that Hasbro has partnered with Apple to develop 3D software and viewing devices for the iPhone. While I'm not surprised by the move to 3D, I am surprised by Hasbro's initial investment being such a risky play. Sure, 3D on the iPhone sounds awesome, that is until you have to plaster a giant viewfinder to your face. 

At $30, the price of the device isn't an issue, and in all probability, the same will be true of the software. My only question is - would you strap this thing to your face in order to have a 3D experience on your phone? Do you even care about 3D on your mobile?

To me, this play seems reminiscent of Nintendo's "Power Glove" failure, years before the technology was ready. Though I applaud Hasbro's dedication to innovation, I'm just not sure this is the right place to start. 

As much as I'd love to see people walking down the street with 3D goggles on, running into signs and walls as they do, I have a hard time seeing how 3D could be very effective on such a small screen, even with the resolution of the iPhone 4. 

Perhaps if they made it less like a toy, my take would change, but I just can't see it. That being said, I've got a knack for being wrong when it comes to predictions like this, so I'll be keeping an eye on public reaction when it hits stores next Spring. 

Skyfire Claims to be Top Grossing App in Just 5 Hours?

Skyfire, a new browser application for iPhone that allows users browse all formats, including Flash, has claimed that in just 5 hours, before they "sold out," their app became the top grossing app and the 3rd highest paid app overall. Since they omitted the words "all time," I'm guessing that they're referring to the in-store ranking features as opposed to overall sales. That being said, for a brand new app to climb that high into the charts in such a short time is fairly impressive.

I've yet to try Skyfire on my own phone yet (possibly a review to come), but I'm intrigued by its ability to decode and re-encode Flash video into HTML5 on the fly. I'm also somewhat surprised that Apple approved it, as I'd expect for them to find some way to keep Flash out of their store at all costs. 

Since they've recently pulled the app due to server issues, only to sporadically let users download on a first come first serve basis, it's sounding like this translation process is an intensive one. However, if it works as advertised, it might certainly be worth the $2.99 they're charging. Here's a video demo:

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