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iOS Bug Might Keep You From Getting To Work On Time

For those of you that, like me, woke up and wondered why some of your clocks were an hour off, today marked the "Fall Back" portion of Daylight Savings Time in the US, where clocks everywhere were officially screwed up. 

Though my iPhone did get the memo, it appears that some of my clocks, and more importantly, my iPhone alarm, did not, going off an hour later than it should have. So what's up? Is this an epidemic or is it a plot to keep you from catching the day's NFL games on time?

It turns out that it's an iOS bug, one that fails to adjust the time on your phone's alarm to account for the rolled back time. Apparently, iPhone alarms, unless fixed, will go off an hour later than the official time, which is sure to cause chaos this coming Monday. 

How do you fix it? Simple: delete your recurring alarms, and then set them up again. That's it. 

Or, you can be like this guy and show up late, missing key meetings, and then try to explain it to your boss. Yeah, you don't want to be that guy. 

Though I've yet to learn if this bug is iOS 3 or 4 specific, Apple has confirmed that the bug exists and a patch will be added to 4.2, which is soon to be released. 



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Angry 3G Owner Sues Apple for “Bricking” Her iPhone

According to this story on Wired, a California resident, Bianca Wofford, has become so fed up with the way her phone runs on the new iOS 4 upgrade, that she's taken Apple to court. The suit was filed in San Diego sometime last week, and as usual, Apple still has nothing to say in response.

Listen, I can understand Apple's desire to continually upgrade and improve their software. As a developer, I love the fact that they are always giving me new toys to play with. However, as a 3G owner, I'm also increasingly frustrated by the way my phone responds to simple tasks, often freezing up, and on occasion, freezing up completely. 

I also receive countless updates from app customers, complaining that my software doesn't work the same on the 3G as it does on the iPhone 4, a problem that they are right to complain about. 

It will be interesting to see where this lawsuit goes, and though I don't expect a happy resolution, I'm confident that this will at least serve as an official notice to Apple that they should consider the implications of backwards compatibility, as well as forward compatibility, when creating new phones and operating systems.

Of course, the real issue here is that most people refuse to upgrade to an iPhone 4 simply because they're waiting to switch to Verizon, meaning they're stuck with a crappy phone and buggy software. What do you think? Does your 3G or 3GS run well on iOS 4+ or is it buggier than ever? Let us know in the comments.

T-Mobile Running Out of Steam in the US Market

The Wall Street Journal reports that German telecom company, Deutsche Telekom, who owns and manges T-Mobile, is not only losing US customers rapidly, but blaming the iPhone on the way down. 

Rene Obermann, CEO, was quoted as saying: "Consumers like T-Mobile but they also want to have the iPhone." He's also claimed that unlike their European lines, the US version of T-Mobile has no chance of getting the iPhone any time soon.

What's scary for them is that even though they've gained customers overall, they've lost over 600,000 "valuable contract customers" over the third quarter, which can only be interpreted to mean that they are selling nickel and dime phones, like pre-paid, and low-end contracts, while losing business, government, and family plan clients.

This is to be expected though as they've been slammed for both their network and their inability to market a phone that rivals the iPhone in popularity. Having neither a popular network, nor a solid line of smart phones, they are in an uphill battle in the US market.

In fact, I don't think I can claim one person in my address book as a T-Mobile customer. I guess pasting Catherine Zeta-Jones all over TV, the Internet, and in print isn't a winning strategy after all. Were I them, I'd focus on dominating the pre-paid cell phone market, where no single company seems to have a clear and/or distinct advantage. 

AppleCare Protection Plans now Transferable (Within 30 Days)

Effective Immidiately, all AppleCare protection plans now have a 30-day window in which they are transferrable to new products instead of cancelling your current plan and purchasing a new one. Although no formal announcement has been made to the public, appe told employees about the new procedure on monday. Also note, that this policy change only applies to eligible purchases made within 30 days prior to the request, is made to simplify the buying process for customers. Previously, this was only available on iPhone AppleCare protection plans.

Skyfire Browser for iPhone Now Available, Includes Flash Video Playback

It wasn't until recently that Apple even allowed competing browsers to be accepted into the App Store, but not only has SkyFire managed to gain approval, they have done so with the incredible ability to play flash video. It's been two months of waiting for the Skyfire team (and the rest of us) but the application is now available for download in the App Store for the price of $2.99.

This feat of flash-playback trickery is accomplished by sending web pages first to Skyfire's own servers, where they are then rendered and converted into a format that is acceptable to the iPhone browser. Flash video is converted into HTML5 and compressed (by about 75%) so that it can easily be played by the native webkit browser without flash support.

Unfortunately this leaves us in the dust for certain flash applications that are more than just video, and it also reduces playback quality by a considerable amount. The final painful truth is that one of the top benefits of this browser, the ability to access Hulu videos, has been blocked altogether. With YouTube and most of the other video services natively supporting HTML5, this makes us wonder if the need for flash video playback is still as great as it once was.

Update: Skyfire has halted sales because their servers are unable to keep up with demand. It is not known when sales will resume.

PhoneDisk Enables iPhone Filesystem Access from Finder (Free ‘til December 1st)

PhoneDisk is an app available for Mac and Windows that allows you to access, preview, open, edit and save files and documents your iProduct's filesystem from both Mac and Windows.

Best of all,  this application will be free until December 1st 2010. All you have to do is go to PhoneDisk's Website, and Download PhoneDisk. You may use the key on their website, which is as follows: "2H96A-QK7MX-8GEYK1V-ZR6S8". 

Once you're activated and all set up, you can connect your iProduct to your computer via USB, launch PhoneDisk and you will get access to the iPhone's folders. If your device is Jailbroken, you will get full access to all system files, folders, and more (Without OpenSSH installed!). Otherwise, you will only see files related to media.

Get it while its free!

SFGate Bashes Apple in Recent Slant

We recently spoke of Apple's breakthrough into the top 5 list of smart phone manufacturers, mentioning that this was good news for Apple, who has continued to gain ground despite being out-modeled and out-gunned. Apparently, Jay Yarrow of the Business Insider and though otherwise, choosing to subjectify the argument, claiming that Apple is getting smashed by the Google Android.

While it is true that Apple iPhones are outsold by their Google rival, what the numbers don't tell is the fact that Apple's single iPhone 4 is down only 17% against what can now only seem to be called, The Droid Army. Let's also not forget that sales of the iPod Touch and iPad are still blowing their competitors out of the water. Still, it will be interesting to see how holiday shoppers choose sides this season, and whether the Droid continues to build and capitalize on its early momentum.

That being said, I'm not sure Apple ever set out to dominate the market in the first place. They'd much prefer to cater to a smaller, more appreciative audience, selling them apps on the way up and down instead. Smart phones are a loss leader, which is why Apple is content to stick where they are and let the iTunes marketplace make up the difference. 

Perhaps this is why Verizon has decided to launch their own app store, choosing to compete against their partner (Google) rather than help them put a true dent in Apple's software power. 

Of course, none of this will matter once the iPhone 4 is official on the Verizon platform. From then on, I predict game over for the Android. 


Source: SFGate
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Get Election Coverage from Your iPhone

Today is mid-term election day in the US, which means Republicans, Democrats, and Independent voters will be running amuck from the time the polls open to the time they close. Though I'd love to see an app for the iPhone that let me vote from my house, I suppose I'll settle for the next best thing, which would be to follow the coverage without having to sit in front of my TV all day long.

Here's your unbiased guide to unbiased coverage:

1. FoxNews App - A free news app for iPhone.

2. CNN Election Center - Free election coverage from your phone.

3. MSNBC News App - Rather bare bones, but it does the job.

4. Fox News Election Coverage - This one is only 99 cents, but is focused solely on election coverage.

5. Google Election Center App - A web based app that helps you find your polling location.

And there you have it, an easy way to stay connected while on the go.  If you've found a better app that those listed here, we'd love to hear about it!

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