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Several Jailbreak Tweaks Make It Into iOS 7

Okay i'm going to go through a list format of tweaks in Cydia you can install in order to emulate the experience of iOS7, now this won't match style wise at all.  But i'm going to try and go for matching the functionality of iOS 7, not the look.  Okay now down to business... So on the iOS 7 lock screen you can slide anywhere to the right and Unlock and up from the camera emblem to load the camera app.  But slide up from the bottom and you bring up a hefty toggles menu.  Sliding down from the top and you can bring down your new iOS 7 notification center, right from the lockscreen.  

So how to re-create the iOS 7 lockscreen experience?  Simple.. install Bulletin and NCSettings. Bulletin will allow Notification Center usage from the lockscreen, and NCsettings will throw a customizable toggles bar into the notification center.  Side by side images on the next page, iOS 7 on the top, iOS 6 version on the bottom.  It gets everything done.  Nearly as much function, in 33% less moves on iOS 6.  Im going to say a Cydia tweaked lockscreen beats out stock iOS 7 here. Read on for more Cydia tweaks that are now features in iOS 7.

Lockscreen Toggles Gives You Quick Access To Settings

If there’s one thing that Android currently does better than iOS, its giving users quick access to settings. Thankfully however, if your idevice is jailbroken, there are tons of solutions to this problem. Instead of having to browse through the to get something done, you can add quick settings toggles to your home screen or lock screen.

FrontFlash Adds Flash To Your iPhone’s Front Facing Camera

Cameras on smartphones are becoming more and more impressive with the release of every new handset. However, most of the development has been focused on the rear facing camera, leaving the front facing cameras in the dark (literally). While we don’t have an actual solution for flash on the front camera, a new Cydia tweak may help lighten your pictures up a bit.

Auxo For iPad Announced For June 6th!

One of my personal favorite tweaks, Auxo, has just been announced for the iPad and will be released in less than a week. According to a new teaser on Auxo’s official website, the tweak will go live for the iPad on June 6th.

Many jailbreakers have been enjoying the tweak for quite some time now, while iPad users have been left in the dark. But no need to fret, as the release is official now and you’ll be able to grab Auxo from Cydia only days from now.

We’ll keep you posted so stay tuned!

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Apple Web OS: turn your iPhone’s layout into Apple’s website

We're all usually aware when a new, attractive theme is released for WinterBoard, as over all most themes are targeted for that platform. The one we hear a lot less of is DreamBoard, but that doesn't mean people have forgotten it. A new theme, entitled Apple Web OS, has become available for DreamBoard giving you the look of the Apple online store on your iDevice.

LS Squares adds beautiful, sleek tiles to your lock screen

One of the aspects of iOS that I get bored with the most is the lock screen, even with jailbreaking – it's nice to switch it up every now and then. For those who feel the same, we've got an awesome new jailbreak theme for you, LS Squares. This theme adds four tiles to your device lock screen with some useful information, that of weather, temperature, date, and of course the time.

SubIc0ns gives you access to your favorite apps, where ever you are in iOS [updated]

One type of jailbreak tweaks that I find most useful is those that allow you to add shortcuts, whether it be to your favorite apps or actions. Today we get another tweak to that line, developed by Claus Cartel, dubbed SubIc0ns. SubIc0ns give you quick access to seven of your favorite apps where ever you may be in iOS.

[Theme] iMIUI brings some Android-inspired beauty to your iPhone

If you've ever spent time in the Android community, there's a very good chance you've heard of MIUI. If you haven't, MIUI is a custom ROM for Android devices. I've personally worked on this ROM for a few years before switching to the iPhone with the U.S. team, porting and translating the ROM from Chinese. MIUI has always been somewhat inspired by iOS, and known for its clean and simple design. Today it comes to iOS, well it's look anyway, with the WinterBoard theme iMIUI.

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