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Apple Preparing to Ship 10 million CDMA iPhone’s in 2011?

Digitimes reports that Pegatron, an electronics manufacturer based in Taiwan, has been given the green light to begin producing CDMA iPhones for Apple -- with the expectation of delivering 10 million devices through 2011. Though neither Apple nor Pegatron will confirm the details of this arrangement, they have confirmed the hiring of 10,000 additional employees, which makes sense considering the anticipated of the 2011 rollout of the CDMA iPhone.

This corresponds with the recent NYTimes report that the iPhone will be coming to Verizon in the early parts of 2011.

While much of the data is pure speculation, those close to Apple could see this coming, as ATT been nothing but headaches for the electronics giant. Though some are waiting for an official announcement before upgrading or switching carriers, others have already made the switch to Droid having given up on having an iPhone that can actually send and receive calls. 

Our advice to you? The writing is on the wall, and ATT will eventually lose exclusivity, the only questions that remains is which carrier gets a chance to play ball. I'd hold off on that new phone purchase until we hear something definitive. 

iTunes Connect Going Down on Thanksgiving?

It looks like Apple is up to no good once more, as the rumor mill claims they'll be closing down iTunes Connect to developers during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

They've done this before, during the Christmas Holiday, but this would be a very strong move against developers that are looking to cash in during the holiday season. As a developer myself, I understand why they'd want to keep people from making changes to apps during the holidays, but it's another case of making sweeping changes because of a few bad apples. 

Who does this hurt? The indie developers that don't have the PR resources to own the charts nor the ability to address bugs during the most important selling seasons of the year.

Apple has been notorious for allowing "exceptions" for bigger developers, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

If you're a developer and this affects you, the best response is to make sure that your apps, descriptions, pricing strategies, and updates are all ready well before the holiday season. 

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