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Rumor: Suppliers being gathered for the ‘A8’ processor

Three suppliers are rumored to be prepping for the upcoming ‘A8’ processor. Amkor Technology, STATS ChipPAC and Advanced Semiconductor Engineering are of the companies included in the rumor to handle orders for the ‘A8’ chip, according to DigiTimes. The new chip will more than likely power 2014’s iPhone and iPad upgrades. 

WSJ: Apple Will Release Two Larger iPhones This Year

We reported earlier today about an analyst claiming that the iPhone 6 design was already complete and included a 4.8-inch design. Well, a larger iPhone now looks even more likely as the Wall Street Journal is reporting the very same thing. However, WSJ believes that Apple will actually release two larger iPhones (instead of the one reported by Timothy Arcuri), and will scrap the plastic iPhone 5C model.

iPhone 6 Design Finalized, Includes 4.8-Inch Display And 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Well folks, it has been a long time coming, but it looks like a larger iPhone may actually become a reality soon. While almost all of the iPhone’s competitors have screens around the 5-inch mark, Apple has for a long time gone against increasing the screen size. However, a new report from an analyst at Cowen and Company claims that Apple has already chosen its design for the iPhone 6, and it includes a 4.8-inch display.

More Gorgeous iWatch Concepts Emerge [Images]

Apple has been rumored to be working on “wearable technologies” for years now, but we have yet to see anything from the Cupertino company. While its competitors have jumped at the chance to make smartwatches (no matter how unimpressive the Galaxy Gear is), Apple has just sat back and focused on other projects.

Does Apple have anything in store for us or is the iWatch just wishful thinking? We don’t know for sure yet, but we do know that concept designers like Martin Hajek have come up with gorgeous mockups for the rumored gadget. Head inside for more info on his iWatch[S] and iWatch[C] models:

iPhone 6 to Keep 8MP Camera, Offer Optical Image Stabilization Instead

Only months after the release of the latest iPhone 5s, rumors of the next generation iPhone are already starting to float around in the blogosphere. The latest rumor comes from a Chinese report, claiming that the iPhone 6 will keep the current 8-megapixel sensor for its rear camera, but bring new enhancements such as optical image stabilization.

Apple patent for light-field camera tech found in Lytro cameras

A new Apple patent discusses the use of light-field cameras within a mobile device, or as a companion to an existing device. Made famous first by Lytro cameras, seen in the image at the top of the next page, light-field cameras take dozens of different photos from different perspectives in a single shot, this gives the use the ability to dynamically focus the image. Imagine the image you’re capturing being broken up into a grid, with each sector being it’s own focusable image. Check out more info on the next page.

Quanta to produce 13” iPad and iWatch in Q2 next year

Quanta Computer is the supplier Apple uses to assemble the MacBook line, has been rumored to be the company in charge of Apple’s next line of products. The iWatch and large screen iPad ‘Maxi’. DigiTimes is responsible for this rumor refresh. Check out further details inside.

New iWatch Rumor: two different models, one for men, one for women

According to research firm DisplaySearch, the iWatch idea is being heavily considered by Apple, and has set-back the Apple television set to a 2015-2016 product release. In a new report by The Korea Herald, Display search believes the iWatch will be released in two sizes, one for men at a screen size of 1.7 inches and one for women at 1.3 inches. Why they didn’t just make a 1.5 inch universal size is beyond me, but I suppose women and men do generally prefer to feel ‘special.’

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