BigBoss Warns Unlockers to Stay Away from iOS 4.2.1

Just yesterday, BigBoss got a tip that Apple had installed a baseband requirement for iOS, meaning that if you are running an unlocked phone and attempt to update to the latest iOS, you could get stuck in recovery mode until you restore to a regular version of the iOS via iTunes. 

So what does this mean? 

BigBoss recommends that unlockers stay as far away from iOS 4.2 as possible, even if for development. 

If you're not sure what unlocking means, then this won't apply. Instead, I recommend that you read this piece (oldie, but a goodie) on the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking before trying to make sense of what baseband and/or modems have to do with your iPhone.

In short, jailbreaking is the ability to run non-licensed applications via Cydia, whereas unlocking is being able to unlock your SIM card so that you can move away from ATT and to other providers, such as T-Mobile. For 99% of the population, unlocking is simply unnecessary and more trouble that it is worth. If that's you, the these aren't the droids you're looking for :)

If that's not you, we'll keep you posted as more details arise. For now, it looks like Saurik and others are working on a fix, but a due date is uncertain.

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