New iPad 2 Pics Surface, Are They Legit?

As many of you know, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going on right now in Vegas, and manufacturers everywhere are unveiling new devices and device prototypes. Of course, since they like to create their own shows, Apple has once again declined to participate, but that doesn't mean their devices aren't showing up.

A Mashable employee happened to spot what appeared to be a legit iPad 2 in one of the vendor booths, which was buried under a stack of papers. They were told they couldn't take pictures, but they managed to find a way to do so, and have published 3 detailed pics, which show what really does appear to be an iPad 2.

In these pics you'll see a front and rear facing camera, as well as a shot of the home screen, with what looks like new default icons.

While I can't say for sure if this is legit, or simply a clone looking to generate some hype, it certainly will get the buzz machines rolling. What do you think, does this look like an iPad 2 to you?

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