Welcome to iPhone-Developers.com

Welcome to the newly launched iPhone-Developers.com!

This site was born from the much more popular xda-developers forum, where several iphone-weilding members petitioned the owners for creation of an iPhone forum. After much debate, it was agreed that having a seperate iPhone website would allow the discussion of jailbreaking and other open development on the iPhone platform, while at the same time helping to keep xda focused on Android and Windows mobile devices.

Keep reading to find out more.

Our goal at iPD is to help nurture the 3rd-party and 'jailbreak' community, and to one day create a site that has the same talent and feel as that of xda-developers itself. We also want to help expand and grow the whole 3rd-party developer community by making jailbreaking easier and more accessible for everyone.

Take a look around, join the fourms, and reveiw an application or two, and let us know what you think! We've put a lot of volunteer hours into making all of this possible and we really hope you like it.

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